This self described burnt marshmallow is tough on the outside, but a pile of gooey sweetness underneath it all!! Whether it’s her cycle or TRX class, Nichole demands your best effort, and will not let you settle for less, all the while motivating you with her collection of hilariously inspirational statement attire!



Add in an overflowing bucket of sweetness, a cup full of spicy, and a handful of swagger…you get a Mia delight! Small in stature, but this girl is A BOSS! A powerhouse that will melt you with her charm, but kick your buns on the bike!!




She’s a beaut, no doubt about it!  Georgeousness isn’t even the half of it though, because THIS lovely lady is one of the most fun-loving, goofy sweethearts you’ll ever meet!  Sure to make you feel immediately welcome with her dazzling smile, she then unleashes her sheer optimism that will have you believing you CAN 100% conquer whatever cycle drill she lays out in front of you!  Cyndi’s class is one that you will soon be calling your fave!!



This dapper gent dances through life with a kind, genuine smile opening his every interaction. A team player through and through, Geo helps connect you to your own courage, to find joy in the struggle & overcome the hurdles that feel too big to conquer alone.  His ability to lead the pack will leave you not only feeling strong & capable, but you might just leave his class with a big ol' smile of your own!



This energetic babe brings the fire to every class whether she's teaching or riding alongside you!  Her great big smile is über contagious...which makes the pain a little more tolerable as she's kicking your butt on the bike!!!  This Alaskan Assassin's ride is one for the books!!!



This hip hop lovin’, booty shakin’, gettin’ jiggy with it, side grinnin’ Italian fella right here is YOUR ticket to a sweat-tastic, dance it out on the bike good time!! Come boogie on the bike with Chris, and I promise you’ll leave ready to come back for more! Che figo! 



This flower-power child is spunky, full of love, and brings her own sunshine in the spirit of fun & inspiration to her class every time! Her enthusiasm for life is infectious, and she’s over the moon proud to be the co-owner of this beautiful lil’ place called /vīb/ cycle!!



Good things come in small packages, and Tati is all the proof you need of that!  A goofball at heart, but she also knows firsthand the power of resilience, and she carries that grit with her onto the cycle stage.  This dynamic individual will take you on one of the most spirited, high vining rides you could imagine!  She reminds us to shine bright, lift each other up & have FUN doing it!



Curating the perfect playlist & expressing it effectively on the bike is an art form in its own right, and this inspired mama is an artíste ready to create!! Her empowering classes are a balanced combo of intensity + motivation, and her clear athletic ability + coaching background will guide you to believe in your own potential to grow, adapt & conquer. Come saddle up, and get ready for a ride that you’ll want to keep coming back for again & again!


For some people, rhythm is just in their blood. It's a part of who they are. Well, let us introduce you to one such person! This rhythmic dynamo brings the fun, sprinkles on the sass, and is all around just the right amount of EXTRA. She’s bringing ALL the beats..hip hop, house, pop, you name it, Peyton’s playing it! Ready to party with her on the bike?! She’s waiting on ya with a big ‘ol smile, so come prepared to work extra hard, and leave her class feeling extra invigorated…it’s just the perfect amount of extra, every single time!