We are so proud to offer our riders the best of the best! Stages bikes are state-of-the-art and are singularly focused on cycling. Because our bikes are so darn awesome, they have each earned their own name...which one will YOU ride?!

Here are some of these bad-ass bike features you will LOVE:


  • Stages EcoSCRN displays REAL-TIME metrics such as watts, rpm, speed, distance, kcals – you can also sync up your personal heart rate monitor to keep track of all that energy you are expelling! Even more exciting, this screen is powered by YOUR pedaling, so keep movin'!!​​


  • Stages PowerMeter The single MOST accurate tool available for direct power measurement. Gives you consistent, precise results. Every. Single. Time. BOOM!


  • SprintShift is Stages’ way of allowing you full control of that dirty little resistance knob! SprintShift allows the rider to add or drop resistance quickly, moving up or down 3 gears in one swipe of the lever.  If that is not your thing, you still have full twist control on that knob… remember, we CAN see you twisting… OR not twisting out there!!


  • Carbonglyde carbon fiber belt provides THE MOST realistic outdoor feel, so when you are thick in your virtual hill climb, your legs will be conditioned to transition out on the road.  That Hatcher Pass hill will be no problem after your legs are broken in on our bikes!

  • Drop Handlebars allows you to dive EVEN deeper into that hill climb, offering you the real road bike experience you want!