We offer two distinct rhythm rides here at /vīb/ cycle.  No matter which one you choose, a good time is to be had!  Each ride is driven by sweet beats, inspiring instruction, and guaranteed smiles!  All of our rides are for beginners and experienced riders alike.  You are in complete control of the intensity from start to finish, and no matter what, it’s always your own ride. 

After each cycle class you will receive a post-ride performance email outlining your power data (rpm, distance, speed, watts, etc.) 


Lights go down, bumpin' beats crank up, the party starts here! This is our signature 45-minute class set to energizing, diverse tunes guaranteed to make you smile, sweat, and keep powering through. We ride to the rhythm, work hard as a team, and bring the vibe together. You will leave feeling powerful, purified & ready for more! Embrace YOUR vibe.


In our one-hour cycle class, there is strength in numbers. Quite literally. We utilize an interactive group display system, Stages Flight, that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually while in group environment! Beginning cyclists to pro level racers can all be in the same class and getting the same workout, while simultaneously setting personal goals and tracking their performances. As a community, we focus our energy, we connect to our breath, we push to new heights. This is Endurance.

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