Coach Jaq

This colorful pixie sprinkles her workouts with an equal amount of cheer + empowerment!  Her glow comes from within, but she let's it shine just as bright on the outside with her colorful clothing & personality.  Her workouts are diverse & will always keep you guessing how she's going to kick your butt this time!!  She's a little salty, with no quit in her game..but truth be told, she's mostly sweet, and always full of encouragement!


Coach Kari

Kari has one of those sneaky sneak smiles that can be misleading!! This blonde haired beauty is tougher than nails, and brings her A-game to every class she custom designs for you. She’ll make those quads cry, those biceps blaze, and those abs tremor…but she’ll gleam those shiny whites, and somehow it makes it all worth it!